Saturday, November 24, 2007


A HUGE thank you to those who have supported the CIMP Charity Food Fair. We've raised RM5,100 for Positive Living Foundation Malaysia, a non-for-profit organization supporting single mothers and children living with HIV/AIDS.

The campaign intended not only to raise funds for the beneficiaries, but also to create HIV/AIDS awareness among the students.

Everyone worked so hard for this campaign and thank you so much for giving me words of encouragement throughout the week. A lot of people commented that it's a rare sight that CIMP students from diversed groups,nationalities worked so perfectly together in the charitable event. I must say I cannot be any more proud of you all, you have been so awesome!!!

I would like to thank all the vendors--Brickfield's , Bangkok Kitchen in USJ 11, Auntie Yanni--Indonesian food caterer and many others, including parents who have been supportive in baking and delivering food.

I've definitely learn a precious lesson from this event--charity binds people together!

A job well done! Kudos to everyone who was involved!

Scrumptious pandan chicken wingSpecial shrimps

Sambal fried tenggiri--it was so good that people still rave about it until today :D
Mouth-watering white chocolate cherry squares made by Ms Litman

Marshmallow chocolate fudge prepared by myself

Saturday, November 03, 2007

CIMP Charity Food Fair

Previously known as the CIMP Bake Sale but the event has been renamed as the above because of the "menu" expension.

Thanks to our generous sponsors, we manage to secure a wide variety of food for each day. What was originally planned as the bake goodies has now become a gastronomic galore serving food from savoury to sweet.

Details of this food fair:
Venue: Sun-U cafeteria
Date: Nov 12 ~ 16, Monday ~ Thursday
Time: 10:30 ~ 3:30 pm

I must thank a very talented young lady, Toto. Because of her creativity and commitment, these fabulous posters promoting this event and the awareness of AIDS will be seen around campus next week.

So, let's work together to fight the disease and show our love to those who are in dire needs. Love heals HIV/AIDS!