Thursday, August 16, 2007

Love Heals HIV/AIDS

A group picture with Johnson & Johnson Managing Director and the bravest and the most loving children in the world

Jenny, Jolin and Lung Lung are going to be so proud of me.

When I assigned the corporate social responsibility project, I never thought I would be a part of the results of my students' research. Last weekend, I did.

Nancy and I joined the 2007 Johnson & Johnson HIV/AIDS Awareness Walk in Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur. Being funky and adventurous teachers that we are, we participated in the fancy dress competition of the walk and decided to dressed as medical profession duo.

Nancy and myself dressed up in our medical outfit to spread the message of love.

Since it was a HIV/AIDS awareness campaign, we decided to spread the word, not the virus by conveying the message of "LOVE HEALS HIV/AIDS". The theme of the doctor and nurse dress-ups are to remind the public that every member of the society--children, students, working adults and seniors can shower a little love to HIV/AIDS patients. We know AIDS is non-curable at the moment, but remember LOVE eases and heals even the most chronic suffering in the world.

When Nancy and I completed our walk, we were very honoured to be announced the winners of the fancy dress category. But the most memorable momerable moment was when a group of 10 children came to thank us. They kissed our hands, and hugged us... and little were we aware that they were the HIV-infected children until Johnson & Johnson MD told us so.

ears filled our eyes and rolled down our cheeks as we learned the situations of these children. We had done nothing to help them ease the pain, but they showed so much of gratitude for the tiniest effort we did. It is however comforting to learn that they have not been completely isolated from the society; in fact, they have been assimilated into the mainstream public school system.

Amelia shared a warm moment with us

It was definitely a love feast. I believe that I've learned so much from these children and I applaud them for their bravery and will to fight the illness. We may not be AIDS research scientists, or medical doctors or nurse who can directly contribute to curing the illness or hold an AIDS patience's hands as he/she fights the torment, but a showing them a little love is the least we could do, wouldn't you agree?

We marched down Dataran Merdeka with other participants professing the message of LOVE.
We were so honoured to be announced the winners of fancy dress!!!

Sunway University College LOVE embassadors--Mr. Chan, Nancy, Yvonne and Meng Wai
Other participants were infected by our message of LOVE!!!

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