Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Malaysian Women's Weekly (July issue)

Wow... I can't believe it!!!! To my very surprise... my chocolate walnut fudge recipe is published in the July issue of the Malaysian Women's Weekly.

As usual, I faithfully picked up the magazine from the Indian magazine stall, and being a gourmand, I flipped to the recipe section featured in the magazine first before reading the magazine cover to cover. When I checked out the Reader Recipe (on page 168), I was shocked to see my very own recipe printed in this section!!!!

Personally, I really LOVE this recipe, it is so easy and yummy that it's almost fail-proof. I made the fudge in numerous occations--class parties, potlucks, fund-raising bake sale... you name it, and I always receive rave reviews!!! Therefore, I submitted this recipe (which is a while ago) to the publisher but had minimal expectation that it would be chosen... and guess what??? It did!!!

I will publish this recipe in my all-new recipe blog, Yvonne's Famous Recipes and I hope you can try this recipe and don't forget to share your culinary experience and maybe even the fudge with me.

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

!!!bOWlinG BoNaNZa!!!

School's out! Let's go bowling!!!

At the end of each semester, students always take the initiative to organize a class party. Why? Simply because it's the last time they get to chill with their cool classmates and wise teacher (ahem). This semester is no exception.

Thanks to Adrian and Daniel who made the reservation at Sunway Mega Bowling Alley that we managed to have a wonderful bowling bonanza! It was a very very effective way to de-stress and take the pressure of the exam off from the students.

I had lots of FUN and I hope the student did too. From the bottom of my heart, I hope the photos and memories of the IB class and the party will always be with the students.

Students: Bring it on, Miss! We are all geared for it!
All right, boyz and gals, let Ms Woi show you how to strike!
Kiki: Ha! Miss... you maybe the IB guru, but I am the bowling cikgu! Hiak! Hiak!

Jimmy: Miss, why don't we have a competition?
Chandra: I second Jim's idea!
Kervin: Yeah, I third that!
Ms Woi: All right, the game is on!
Kiki: I can do anything better than you, Ms Woi!

Now, let's introduce the teams...

Team A: The fun and fearless - Imam, Jonny Lo, Fiz and Stephanie

Team B: The cool dudes - Kiki, Madiono, Arie and AndreasTeam C: Ms Woi's dream team - Jimmy, Chandra, Adrian and Ms Woi (wait a minute, Daniel is not supposed to be in our team... TRAITOR!!!)

Team D: The peace guys - Adith, Kervin, Daniel (again) and Jonhny (also check out Adith's like-I-care pose, LOL)

Ok, everybody! On the mark, get set, BOWL!!!!!!!!

Imam: Hehe, miss... I've told you I am a born bowler!

Jonny: Hey, I ain't bad at all! Chandra: Arrrrgghh.... why am I a left-hander????

Kiki: Haha... Miss, can you calculate the velocity of the ball given the initial velocity of 5 m/s??

Chandra: So, who can tell which one of us will have the higher probability of winning the game?

At the end of the day, my students have found a new interest besides IB--BOWLING!!!!!!!!!

Hurray! Everybody is bowling champion!

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