Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Malaysian Women's Weekly (July issue)

Wow... I can't believe it!!!! To my very surprise... my chocolate walnut fudge recipe is published in the July issue of the Malaysian Women's Weekly.

As usual, I faithfully picked up the magazine from the Indian magazine stall, and being a gourmand, I flipped to the recipe section featured in the magazine first before reading the magazine cover to cover. When I checked out the Reader Recipe (on page 168), I was shocked to see my very own recipe printed in this section!!!!

Personally, I really LOVE this recipe, it is so easy and yummy that it's almost fail-proof. I made the fudge in numerous occations--class parties, potlucks, fund-raising bake sale... you name it, and I always receive rave reviews!!! Therefore, I submitted this recipe (which is a while ago) to the publisher but had minimal expectation that it would be chosen... and guess what??? It did!!!

I will publish this recipe in my all-new recipe blog, Yvonne's Famous Recipes and I hope you can try this recipe and don't forget to share your culinary experience and maybe even the fudge with me.

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