Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Beard Papa's

Now that the semester is over, I finally have more time to hit the mall and pick up food that I've always been craving for, such as Beard Papa's cream puffs.

Beard Papa's may sound odd for bakery, but people who have tried these cream puffs would thumb up to them because they are simply heavenly. The puffs resemble the French choux pastry shell which are crusty on the outside but silky soft on the inside. Then these freshly baked babies are pumped with whipped cream custard and dusted with icing sugar before serving. The vanilla flavored custard is my favorite because you can still see the vanila beans in the custard, which is certainly to die for.

Based in Osaka, Japan, Beard Papa's has more than 650 outlets around the world. The outlets in Malaysia have only vanilla and chocolate flavored custard; but some of the ones in Japan and US range from green tea organic sesame.

So, Beard Papa's cream puff anybody?

Convenient individual wrap allows you to savour the puff anywhere, anytime.
Each freshly baked puff is filled with custard and dusted with icing sugar... hmmm... delicious!!!
How can you say NO to this creamy baby??!!

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Read as wa-shoku, means Japanese cuisine. Indeed, the ladies had their second themed masak-masak and makan gathering again @ Chin Yin's. The theme is of course--Ko-Jap (Korean and Japanese). This time, the participants increased. We had 10 people at the feast, but unfortunately, not everybody is in the picture.

Without further a do, let's dig in! Itadakimashi!

Tempura: deep fried oyster mushroomSoba noodle!
Teriyaki chicken

Doesn't this look like unagi (eel)? Nope, this is 100% vegetarian dish of fried shitake mushroom strips with ketchup and soy sauce.

To whet your appetite further, we had the complete sushi platter!
Sheila's famous omelette
Chin Yin's new creation--refreshing carrot and cucumber salad!
Kimchi Jjigae (preserved cabbage soup)
Teriyaki fish!Matcha (Japanese green tea) jello with lime