Sunday, December 03, 2006

I know it's a little late... but it's better than never (at least it is posted before little Owen is born, ha!). Yes, a few of us threw a baby shower party for Romona and her going-to-be-born-soon baby-boy--Owen, sometime in October.

It was one of those very personal party with only the seven of us from CIMP (Manny, Lisa, Elsa, Beth, Mark, Ranee and myself) and Pauline (Romona's close friend). It took us about a week to plan this party and it was meant to be a surprise party. The plan was that Romona would be having dinner at Manny's in the evening after shopping with Pauline at Sunway Pyramid. Pauline was supposed to keep her in the mall while the rest of us tried to get everything (deco, food and gifts) prepared right after school.

After much delay--about 34 phone calls and 87 SMSs later, Romona and Pauline showed up at the door and the rest of us hid behind the door, in the kitchen and living room. "SURPRISE!!!!!!" was how we greeted the mother-to-be. Indeed, she was surprised to see the extra few of us and the feast we've prepared for her--cheese and chocolate dishes! Every thing was carefully prepared and bought by us and nothing could go wrong with cheese and chocolate... they were simply DELISH!!!!!!!

Pauline was very kind and thoughtful to pick up a thermal flusk and some maternal and pampering gift vouchers. They were presented to Romona after dinner. As for after-dinner entertainment, Manny gave us a glimpse of what was it like for a man to be pregnant and Mark shared with us his thought of being included in an exclusive event such as baby shower.


The mom-to-be looked very good at her seventh-month pregnancy!

Pauline and Romona
Mark and Beth were admiring at the ultrasound picture of little Owen.
Elsa's famous salsa for the tortilla chips!
cheese platter (cheddar, blue and mini babybels) with grapes and crackers!

Brandy R. is going to be so proud of me--special potato baked casserole!

Ranee's chocolate fondue with fresh fruits.
Beth's baked brie (topped with walnuts and raisins)
Cheese and chocolate feast!

Romona: Thermal flusk! I've been eyeing on one of these for a long time.
Gift vouchers from L'occitane!
Romona is carefully reading the card!

Can you believe this is homemade? Pauline's ever-so-delicious oreo cheesecake.

Mark is serving everyone chocolate and cheese cheesecake from SR.Manny: Who said man cannot be pregnant? Can you tell if mine is a boy or a girl? (He put a pomelo under his shirt)Manny: I am 'disecting' the 'baby' (pomelo) now!

Romona: Little Owen and I would like to thank my wonderful friends and colleagues for the baby shower party! Merci beaucoup!