Monday, January 01, 2007

Yum Seng to Chin Yin and Hong Chun!

The newly weds--Chin Yin and Hong Chun

Seriously, I have discovered a new hypothesis for wedding patterns. If I were to collect the data of the weddings in 2006 and plot a mathematical model of the number of weddings that I have been invited to throughout the year, I am pretty sure that it would have been an increasing exponential growth model, because of the gradual increase of the weddings that took place as 2006 is approaching to the end. And of the five weekends in December 2006, I have had attended four weekends of weddings.

All right, jokes aside. I must admit that attending wedding reception is just as much as an emotional roller-coaster that the couples had to go through in the preparation of their big day. What dress to wear? What type of shoes to match? Are they colour-coordinating? What type of make-up? Naturally matte? Soft earth-toned? Sexy smoky? Then the hand bag... and the questions go on and on.

Sometimes, I wonder, are the dresses and accessories that we put on more important than our presence itself? or rather, how much should we give in the ang-pow (red packet) more important the blessings we give to the newly weds? Whatever the answer is, a genuine classmate reunion at a wedding dinner worths more than all the Prada and Jimmy Choo we are able to put on ourselves. Because we were there to celebrate a classmate's union with her heavenly-made soul mate--Chin Yin and Hong Chun.

Of all the dinners I have attended, this one topped them all. This is because I had the 'honour' to be seated next to my Convent Secondary School 5 Science 1 monitor, Soo Wee Wee. If Chin Yin is the #1 hostess of the dinner, Wee Wee should be the #2. Wee Wee was busy making everybody felt at home--'taking attendance' (especially those late-comers), serving tea, cracking jokes, updating us on the news and whereabouts of our MIA classmates; and not to forget her very own expertise--teasing the newly-weds.

One thing which we normally wouldn't do at any wedding dinner but this one is singing birthday songs followed by a long-breath of 'yum seng' to our birthday gals in the month of December--Vivian and Sim.

I would say the two tables of Convent gals were the noisiest of all. People surrounded us probably thought that we were a bunch of drunk ladies, but none of us was sober. We were just high in spirit in the joyous union of the couple, sanc the spirit; like the good old Chinese saying:


Be it conscious or sober, I would like to congratulate Chin Yin and Hong Chun! May your marriage be like Martini, that may be stirred but never shaken! Yum Seng!
The maids of honour, aka, "chee mui" (sisters) of Chin Yin who welcomed the arrival of the couple!Chin Yin and Hong Chun 's Kodak moment in cutting the cake!Another Kodak moment of champagne pouring!
Convent gals table 1: Shiau Min, Sim, Wee Wee, Swee Geok, Yvonne (myself), Sock Ling and Sheila
Our monitor, Soo Wee Wee aka the hostess #2
Wee Wee is showing off her tea pouring skill
Convent gals table 2: Genevieve, Vivian and spouse, Boon Hwee (assistant monitor) and Sheu Ying
Shiu Min and me with the ladies of Convent gals table 2
All of us and the newly-weds' 'yum seng' team!
A perfect portrait of FUN, FRIENDS, FOOD & MORE!