Saturday, July 08, 2006

Tribute to the Leaving Canadian Colleague

Well, it is the time of the year when we say "bon voyage" and "goodbye" to our Canadian friends, eh!

Some of them embark on new journeys in life, settle down in Canada; but lo and behold, they will very soon start teaching like all of us here at Sunway, haha!

Thankfully, I managed to do something fun--travelling and karaoke session, at last, with some of them before they "balik kampung".

Jason, Paule and myself in Tioman Island (top)

Jason, our new singing sensation. Bravo! Bravo! (left)

The lovely couple, Steve and Brandy! (right)

The organizational behaviour gurus, aka, the golden boy and gal -- J & J (Jennifer & Justine)

Everybody's favorite cheerleaders--Ranee and Paule, who live their lives to the fullest! Be CAREFUL, ladies and gentlemen because their cheerfulness are contagious!!!!!!!!

Belly dancing with the divas--Ranee, Jen, Paule and Aimee (left to right). It was FUN!!!!!!

Thanks to technological wonders today that we can enjoy instantaneous modes of communication like emails, blogs and MSN despite being miles away and oceans apart.

I would like to dedicate this very first blog of mine to two very special, fun, charming and charismatic French Canadians, Jason Dupuis and Paule Rodrigue, who have taught me so much about the different perspectives in life. Merci beaucoup, mon amie!

Jason, don't you miss the fun of teasing me??? "Stop it, Jason!!!" sounds familiar, eh?

The grafitti that Jason left on my car before he departed from Malaysia (what a NICE gesture)!!!!!!