Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I HEART British Fashion

The royal wedding of the century between Prince William and Ms Kate is around the corner, and the entire world is waiting anxiously to witness the avant-garde matrimony of this lovely and sweet couple walking down the aisle together, after dating for seven years (coincidentally, it's exactly how long my husband and I had dated before we tied the knot, LOL).

I am always mesmerized and inspired by the elegant sense of fashion that the future princess of England--Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, popularly known as Kate, possesses. Everything about her exudes royal elegance and she carries herself so effortlessly.

Despite the fact that luxurious brand couturiers constantly send Kate their runway pieces and would be honoured to have their masterpieces dressed by Kate and photographed by paparazzi's around the world. Deep down, Kate is a true British fashion lover/supporter.

Ahem... so I did a bit of research and guess what Kate wore on her 21st birthday??? Topshop!!!! It's like "HELLO William, you should put a ring on this gal, STAT!!!!". There is so much to say about this future princess who has the world of designer clothings to choose from, but had chosen to dress herself in local fashion mass-market label.

Her support for British fashion world has melted and won the hearts of many. In my humble opinion, Kate is one of those people who can look great in any thing. She can probably dress in a sack and make the outfit her own Kate-esque style. Did I mention that that dress that she wore was sold out in Topshops worldwide within split seconds?

As a novice fashion lover, I ooh and ahh each time I admire at the photographs of the royal engagement. While the world focused on the vintage engagement ring (which Prince Charles gave to Princess Diana) that deserves a parade, I fell and am still falling in love the that gorgeous Issa blue chiffon satin dress that Kate wore and millions of ladies out there were just excited as I was, when the engagement photos were released.

Designed a London-based (of course!) designer Daniella Helayel, the dress has captured the attention of every princess-wanna-be (like myself) was then carbon-copied by high- and mass-fashion designers all over.

If you love British fashion as much as I do, there are a few Brit fashion "it" ladies who can be your inspiration. Other than Kate, my top three favorites include:

1. Alexa Chung

2. Kate Moss

3. Sienna Miller

Can you spot what do these bombshells have in common (besides nationality) in these photos???? Mulberry handbags!!!!!

Pssst... just between you and me, ok? If you want to own this fabulous must-have British designer handbag without burning a hole in your purse, you can sign up at to stand a chance to win a Mulberry Bayswater in Oak. Nu You (girlfriend in English) magazine is generously giving away this fabulous leather handbag, in timeless classic colour of oak, to reward their readers and commemorate their 18th anniversary.

Dear Nu You, can I please please please please be the lucky reader???? I will be sure to be your BFF!!!!

Imagine yourself cladding this iconic arm candy and dress to the nines as a princess (like Kate) and it wouldn't hurt to throw in a complete package of eye-candy husband like William either, ha!


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