Sunday, July 01, 2007

The End of My Joyous Holiday

I once saw a fridge magnet that says "Three reasons I LOVE teaching... June, July and August". Being an edutainer, I'm in 101% agreement with it. In my case, there are only two reasons, June and December.

As the semester break has come to the end of it, it's really hard to drag my lazy bones which have been sinking in the sofa and beach bench back to work. So I thought I should recap things that I have done in the last month.

1. Photography
Well, first off, I have embarked on the new dimensions of photography... thought I am still a beginner in this area but I have hooked on the joy of seeing what I can captured with my 5-year-old digital camera. Let me tell ya, it's AMAZING!!!
Picture of mimosa flower when I was trekking in FRIM.

Evening view that I managed to capture from my balcony using the new photographic skills I learned.

2. Cooking
Then, I also tried a few recipes which I have piled up in my "must-try-recipe" list. And I managed to try some of them. Also, read up a few more cookbooks. With my newly-acquired photographical skills, I can now capture my collection of repertoire through a lens.Mexican avocado dip, Guacamole, an exotic and addictive dip that compliment chips.
All-time favorite tiny chocolate cookies that I have made again and again.
I explored my culinary adventure with this Japanese curry... it's oishi!
One of the cookbooks I have read and I am totally in love with... new way of cooking with the twist of green tea.

3. Visit Bali
For the last bit of the break, I had the opportunity to travel in Bali... oh the tropical island with such amazing mix of culture and heritage. I had a pleasant time and would defintely go back again.

Beautiful Balinese dancer and her graceful dance moves.Totally tranquil scenery of paddy field in Ubud, Bali.

4. A brand new blog--Yvonne's Famous Recipes
It's sort of like my e-collection of recipes that I would like to share with the gourmands and just anybody who loves cooking and eating like myself..
Check out my new blog at or Yvonne's Famous Recipes

So yes, when reality hits and that I have to get back to work soon, all the fun things that I had done in the past month should be sufficient to carry me through the next new adventure, the next journey and even the next reason I teach.

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