Sunday, May 27, 2007

Read as wa-shoku, means Japanese cuisine. Indeed, the ladies had their second themed masak-masak and makan gathering again @ Chin Yin's. The theme is of course--Ko-Jap (Korean and Japanese). This time, the participants increased. We had 10 people at the feast, but unfortunately, not everybody is in the picture.

Without further a do, let's dig in! Itadakimashi!

Tempura: deep fried oyster mushroomSoba noodle!
Teriyaki chicken

Doesn't this look like unagi (eel)? Nope, this is 100% vegetarian dish of fried shitake mushroom strips with ketchup and soy sauce.

To whet your appetite further, we had the complete sushi platter!
Sheila's famous omelette
Chin Yin's new creation--refreshing carrot and cucumber salad!
Kimchi Jjigae (preserved cabbage soup)
Teriyaki fish!Matcha (Japanese green tea) jello with lime



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