Saturday, November 24, 2007


A HUGE thank you to those who have supported the CIMP Charity Food Fair. We've raised RM5,100 for Positive Living Foundation Malaysia, a non-for-profit organization supporting single mothers and children living with HIV/AIDS.

The campaign intended not only to raise funds for the beneficiaries, but also to create HIV/AIDS awareness among the students.

Everyone worked so hard for this campaign and thank you so much for giving me words of encouragement throughout the week. A lot of people commented that it's a rare sight that CIMP students from diversed groups,nationalities worked so perfectly together in the charitable event. I must say I cannot be any more proud of you all, you have been so awesome!!!

I would like to thank all the vendors--Brickfield's , Bangkok Kitchen in USJ 11, Auntie Yanni--Indonesian food caterer and many others, including parents who have been supportive in baking and delivering food.

I've definitely learn a precious lesson from this event--charity binds people together!

A job well done! Kudos to everyone who was involved!

Scrumptious pandan chicken wingSpecial shrimps

Sambal fried tenggiri--it was so good that people still rave about it until today :D
Mouth-watering white chocolate cherry squares made by Ms Litman

Marshmallow chocolate fudge prepared by myself


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