Sunday, July 26, 2009

SK II Photography Competition 2007

Photo with SK II spoke person, Fauziah Latiff.

This post may be a bit old but I have to keep my promise to unveil the answer to my previous post and so here it is. I hope you are reading, JL.

Well, I took some cam-whoring photo shots with a SK II product to participate in the "SK II -- My Constant Companion" Photography Competition in August 2007. And guess what? I won the first-runner up prizes which include some real cash (can't remember RM800 or RM1000) and loads of SK II products.

The award ceremony took place at Isetan Garden and it was a celebrity-studded event where local media, artistes and fashion designers such as Fauziah Latiff, Charmaine Poh and the like made their appearance.

I was very very honoured and excited to be first-runner-up in this contest and despite teaching for almost 9 years now I still had stage fright sharing my story and photography in public. But it was all good. I wanted to thank my lovely hubby for being my plus one to the event and also snapping these precious photos.

This experience has given me a big boost of confidence and has encouraged me to pursue my passion into photography and I hope to share more beautiful photos in the years to come.

Sharing my SK II story and photography

I was pretty nervous speaking in public... :P

Receiving the prize from Fauziah... it was surreal!

Fauziah, the winners and Isetan Garden manager


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yeah~ of course i am still reading your blog.. o(^_^)O
by the way.. saw you last few weeks..
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ya this article is good.
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