Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lemon and Dragon Fruit Cupcakes

It is said that the kitchen is the best place for a foodie's eureka, I couldn't have agreed more! Two weeks ago, I was enjoying some "me" moment with a juicy and succulent organic dragon fruit and while I was scooping the flesh from the exotic-looking mega-magenta fruit, I saw a fresh lemon sitting on the kitchen counter.

And then I suddenly had a eureka moment--how about a sweet treat with those dynamic duo--lemon and dragon fruit??? The lemon will give the cake an oomph while the dragon fruit would give the treat its natural moist and sweetness.

Lovely pink swirl effect after the dragon fruit is folded into the batter.

Without much hesitation, I whipped up a basic cake mixture and folded those fabulous duo into the batter before hitting the oven. The result is--vibrant colour and ultra moist cake that goes perfectly with an afternoon tea.

My focus group members (aka people whom I shared my latest invention with, all right, all right, my culinary guinea pigs) all gave a thumbs up for this pretty treat. I simply can't wait to whip up yet another batch of these gems!


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