Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tenji in Mont' Kiara

I always believe in better be late than never, so even though this post is two months old but I still think it's worthwhile to post it despite the fact that it is way overdue.

My dear sister was in town during the March holiday and we had decided to pig out in this Japanese buffet restaurant highly recommended by my brother and sister-in-law--Tenji.

Located in Mont' Kiara's latest shopping haven, Solaris, Tenji is a newly-established Japanese buffet restaurant on the first floor of the mall. It is located opposite another hip restaurant--Schocolat.

Tenji is located on the first floor of Solaris, right above Cold Storage, opposite Schocolat.

Tenji's wide-scale build-up luxes up the restaurant's ambience. And you have the choice of dining in ind00r or outdoor. The alfresco view overlooks the city's major highways. I bet the night view is impeccable!

Alfresco view overlooking the major highways.

Upon arrival, we were received by polite receptionists who are dressed in kimonos. We were then ushered to the indoor dining area which is surrounded islands of food, which are mostly Japanese. But there are also some Western and Asian. We sat by the dessert bar because the dessert looked enticing.

Personally, my sister and I are 60% satisfied with the service and quality of food. I definitely recommend the sashimi, tepanyaki, Chinese steamed pomfrets and fresh young coconut juice. Much to my disappointment, the dessert was nothing to shout about, except the Häagen-Dazs macadamia nut ice-cream.

We paid about RM50++ per pax for lunch. It was quite reasonable for the variety and quality of food. So we have had yet again another gastronomic pig-out adventure.

Reception area

'Outdoor' dining area
Islands of food

The ramen/udon island
For starter, I had fresh seaweed salad. Very fresh and yummy!

Fresh oyster with lemon. My sister's favorite!

The sushi island

The western food island

Salmon sashimi--probably the freshest I have yet tried.

Young coconut juice, sweet and refreshing!!!
.Shiitake mushroom tepanyaki

Steamed herbal chicken

Oishi sushi!!!

Chocolate fountain!!!Now you can understand why we couldn't resist sitting next to the dessert bar???

They have the look but the taste is another story...

Thanks for the gastronomic adventure, sis!!! I love ya, muak muak!!


Blogger Li Lian said...

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Blogger Li Lian said...

oh my goodness. may I know how much does the buffet cost? hehe. I'm drooling already. especially the sashimi~!! it looks too good to be true. oh noooooo......

the choc fountain is my fav too. yummy.

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