Sunday, January 11, 2009

Will I Survive???

Back to my arithmatic root this semester

Phew! I survived my first week day of college (at least the first 3 days) teaching my first love--mathematics. I am kinda excited to teach the new math course of calculus and vectors but deep down, I really miss the creative elements and flexibility in business courses. I am trying to strike a balance between the two courses but we'll see.

Since I am going to use mainly my right cerebrum this semester, when you hear me speaking in sentences that don't spell words, you have to forgive me... LOL!

The million dollar question is... would I be able to survive a semester of teaching and communicating mainly in languages from planets Descarte
, Pythagoras and Euler?

Gloria Gaynor's tune plays in my head. Go figure!



Blogger farah said...

i have never been to a business class( my bad!)
but i thought a very good math teacher is an outstanding teacher.
because math is hard for people mostly due to people finding it hard to visualize it or relate to it as much as to say, business models.

and for a person to be able to convey a whole maze of variables and abstraction in a concise, structured manner that made sense to a bunch of very confused group who couldnt quite tell between permutation and commutation , this to me, is an incredible feat.


7:52 PM  

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