Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Thank you!

It's that time of the year that I am getting wiser (ok, ok and older) but I insist to remain as eternally 18 in soul :P

This year, I received the most birthday wishes on Facebook , via MSN and even from work even though my birthday fell on the very first day of work. Unlike the in previous years, a few ex-students have decided to throw me a birthday party.

Thanks to Alexis and Nickie, I had a really great birthday dinner at a hot and peppery steamboat restaurant highly recommended by Alexis. They also managed to invite other ex-students like Daphne and Cindy as well as the good-looking Jason of whom I met for the first time (he's such sweetheart and girls, he's still single and available).

As a spicy food lover, I have been wanting to try this Chinese style hot and peppery steamboat for a long long time and finally, I have made my pilgrimage to this oh-so-popular steamboat restaurant.

The restaurant has three types of soup--clear, Thai tomyam and Chinese style hot and peppery and the food served is buffet style, but boy, I must they have a wide variety. Everything was so so so good.

And then, towards the end of the dinner, the girls surprised me with a birthday cake which I kinda figured something was fishy in the middle of the dinner. But the gesture was extremely sweet. Who could resist ultra-moist chocolate mousse cake that ends the dinner with a sweet note?

Thank you, girls and everybody else who remembered my birthday. I am very thankful and truly blessed that you are part of my life.
Alexis, my ex-student and the co-organizer of the dinner party!!!
Nickie, another ex-student and co-organizer of the dinner party!!! Good-looking Jason, he's been so thoughtful throughout the dinner.

Ipoh Leng loi, Daphne and her "ngoi yan", Cindy. The latter is still single, boys!!!

Thanks for the great dinner!!! I had a blast catching up with you :D
Hot and peppery soup and clear soup.
Wide selection of greens...meat, poultry and seafood


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