Friday, January 02, 2009

海角七号 Cape No. 7







This Taiwanese movie entitled “Cape No. 7” that has taken the movie industry by storm. As a non-mainstream movie junkie, I have been anticipating this movie since last year and was looking forward to its screening in Malaysia.

Today, I dragged my hardcore action pack movie lover hubby to the cinema to watch this movie (you can imagine his helplessness). Though we were late for the movie, it did not impede my love for this movie.

As commented by movie critics, “Cape No. 7” is extremely Taiwanese and packed with rich culture of the locales, this is perhaps the reason I love non-mainstream movies. However, the thing that attracts me (and other female viewers) the most is none other than the seven love letters that were yet been mailed. They were so beautifully written that anybody who had been though ups and downs in relationships would be able to relate to the writer’s feelings.

Hence, I will be “mailing” all these love letters to you, one letter a week, on this blog. Since they were written by a Japanese teacher to his beloved Taiwanese girl after World War II, the letters are in both Mandarin and Japanese translations.

I wish all you love birds out there have sweet and happy endings like the leading characters in the movie.

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Blogger ღJuNgle LinGღ said...

Miss, i love this movie.. =p

8:57 AM  
Blogger KawaYvonne said...

Isn't it GREAT???

I just love love love this movie, it's my fave movie for now... :D

5:49 PM  

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