Friday, December 05, 2008

Hallow'een 2008

creepy crawly spidey lollies (gosh, it's tongue-twisting)

I have no idea since when that I fell for Hallow'een dress-ups, but I've made it a class tradition for my students to dress up for this spooktecular day. I am not sure about them, but as usual I had loads of fun that day.

Unlike what Garry suggested, I ain't naughty nurse this year, neither was Adrian a naughty doctor. Can you tell what I dressed up as based on the pictures? Hint: Somebody kawaii (in my opinion).

I usually don't post pictures of my students on my personal blog, but because a lot of students are returning next sem and I cannot add them as friends on Facebook just yet, so I figured it would only be as a crime of passion to have students' pictures on my blog... LOL

Bronson's vampire look is very classy... the man behind the mask is Albara and the rest are Waleed the pirate, Jessica and BubblesLove your Afro-hair, Aiman!!! Cheerleader Jo Ling with Zheng Ling and Asrar.I think the bleeding skull is Ahmad and scary movie face is Sharon with Esther and Wendy.
Dexter-wannabe Yusra, I-never-smoke Yasir with Red Devil Ken and Michelle.
BBB4M01 '08 hallow'een group pix

Aren't you scary, Arash?!!
Somehow red is THE colour for Hallow'een
Ooo... I kinda like this photo--Lynette and Hong Yan

David??? Siong Wen and (Chien) Wen Wen :D
Awesomely masked Nadia with Ali and KentSikandar, lovely fairy Evelyn with red horn Andrew and Ammar
What's with the mouth, Chien Chien??? Good disguise, Hong Yan, Arash and Sufiyanu!CK and Rosan are the thorns among the rose (Sherly)
Where did you get that cool hat, Suet Fong? Perhaps Lynette and Theyab can tell me.
Say cheeze...More say cheeze....

BBB4M04 '08 hallow'een group pix

Talking about Jimmy the death note, mask of Zoro Hong Lam, the joker Jungling & Andre
I-know-who-is Danial, Samir, Xun and Tshui Ting
Nice hat, Christy, errr... is that Dede? and we-love-your-accent Truong
Guess who est moi?
Einas, Jeremy, phantom of the Opera Qi Qi & toxic gas-masked Fandy
Teredee, Chui Ying, Sayuri and pre-Shin-Chan William!!!

Scary Nadia, sad How Keat, kitty Sonia and boy, aren't-you-scary CEO Mohsen!!!

Another clue: like Kira in Death Note, me was also a manga character BBB4M05 '08 hallow'een group pix


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