Sunday, August 03, 2008

OL Lunch #1 -- Organic Salad

Lunch for an OL (office lady) is usually outside the office area in a cafe, restaurant or anywhere but in the office. Well, not for me!

Ever since I've moved into my new office, I have been pretty much "lunching" in my own office. It's quite ironic considering the fact that I am a foodie who absolutely love food.

Due to the piling assignments and test papers (my students give me... sigh), I have my work lunch in the office while marking them. Hence, it may not be a bad idea to post a series of OL lunch with variety.

The first OL lunch for today is organic salad which is high in fiber, low in calorie and pleasing to the eyes (thanks to its vibrant colours).

To get the recipe, check out OL Organic Salad on my food blog.

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