Saturday, August 09, 2008

, Farewell Dinner @ ME (My Elephant)

One of my best friends, Irene, who came from Canada to visit Romona and I. Although she had just left Malaysia about a week ago, the memory of her stay is still fresh in my mind.

Her stay in Malaysia is considered short and sweet! Although she was just in the country for less than 1o days, we manged to squeeze in some exciting itinerary for her.

We drove back to Muar for the mouth-watering local delights such as otak-otak, Hainanese chicken rice, o-chien (oyster omelette's) etc; did pilates and hot yoga @ the gym; grab some irresistible deals @ the mall (after all, it's not Malaysia Mega Sale for nothin').

The night before she left, our ka che, Romona, took us to this hole-in-a-wall restaurant in Section 17--My Elephant for Irene's farewell dinner. It was such a meaningful dinner as we indulged in fine Thai cuisines while reminisce the 9 days we spent together.
(left to right) Tai ka che, Romona, bride-to-be, Irene and me!

Most importantly, we salut to our bride-to-be, Irene, who will be married to Ken in October. Unfortunately, Romona and I won't be able to make it to her wedding in Canada. But we wish her a very blissful married life with lots of children, so here's to her and Ken, cheers!

The restaurant has simple interior design but the ambiance is surprisingly conducive and relaxing.

The restaurant is packed with patrons even before dusk!

Red + Thai jasmine steamed rice , a healthier version of Thai staple diet.
How can one miss the rich and fragrant green curry?

This is called paku, one of the jungle green (I guess because it's wild fern??!)

They have five types of Tom Yam, this is the original tom yam kai (chicken).

Signature dish, snow fish--sole fish coated with sea salt and baked (not fried) to perfection! Excellent with special mint sweet chilli sauce.

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