Monday, December 24, 2007

On the Bride Side

December 16, 2007 is a very special day in my life. I married my best friend and soul mate, Adrian Chuah.

It was a day forecasted to be wet and rainy, but much to everyone's surprise, there was not even a droplet of rain. God is awesome! I really wish I could seize the time and let the day pass by slowly so I could enjoy every single moment of it. Things went by so quickly that there was hardly any room for me (or Adrian) to take a breather.

All I could recall was that it was a beautiful day, every thing was pleasant and lovely. The morning commenced with the picking up the bride. Adrian had to overcome all the hurdles preset by my sisters (chee muis) with his team of brothers (heng tais). It didn't really hit me that it was the wedding day until he handed the beautiful bridal bouquet to me. It was the most beautiful flowers I have ever received. Then the traditional Chinese tea ceremony ended the morning session of the wedding. The day continued with church wedding in the evening and followed by banquet dinner.

I can't really recall every single detail of my wedding nor do I have more wedding pictures to share just yet; but I clearly remember that somebody who was brave enough to hold another person's hands and had exchanged his wedding vow with her before the LORD. Looking on the bride side of life, they probably will not only be walking down the aisle together, but to love and support each other through thicks and thins of life.

(pictures are courtesy of Sok Kem, my ever so talented ex-housemate)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Mark said...

Dear Ms. Woi,

I'm so happy to hear of your wonderful wedding day. I wish you an eternity of wedded bliss and all the blessings for a perfectly matching couple.

May each day be as wonderful as the next and may each day be as perfect as the one before it.

4:37 AM  
Blogger Jessin Wong Ker sin said...

Congratulation Ms.Woi... Wish u and yr hubby happy forever... hope to c more photos with yr wonderful smile on tat beautiful day... :)

10:03 AM  
Blogger Garrett said...

Pardon the intrusion, Yvonne, but I love the photo of the wedding gown with the rose petals on it...great composition!

Garrett Wong

6:03 AM  

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