Friday, September 15, 2006

Thai Feast at Chin Yin's

Even though Malaysians have always been pampered with the luxury of around-the-clock eateries--hawker centers, restaurants and mamak stalls; more and more people prefer dining in, cooking wholesome meals and entertaining guests with gourmet dinners at home.

My girlfriends and myself are no exception to that. Unlike Sex and the City icon, Carrie Bradshaw, who claimed to use her oven only for storage, we decided to take the roles that most ladies dread and be Martha Stewarts in our kitchens. Simply put, we are frequently having dinners and get-together in one another's home, and most importantly everyone will make a dish or two according to the theme of the dinner.

Chin Yin was very excited to announce the theme of our first dinner--Thai. With twenty odd emails circulating in the past few weeks, everyone confirmed the dishes prepared and we finally met at Chin Yin's with our wholesome versions of Thai famous dishes--Thai salad, pineapple fried rice, chicken meatball with peanut sauce, tom yam soup and green curry.

Everyone was indulging in the meal while exchanging notes on ways to improve culinary skills. We also caught up with one another in our work, life, politics and relationships. The late-comer had to, well... wash dishes and doggie-bag all the leftover home. On that evening, Sheila had the "honor" to accomplish both tasks.

So ladies, let's get our cutleries and cooking utensils ready for yet another
of fun, food and friends!!!

Participants of the Thai feast (left to right): Sheila, Chin Yin, myself, Sim and Hong Jun, aka the photographer!!!

Cheers to the host and hostess du "soir": Hong Jun and Chin Yin

Smiley Sim is flooded with compliments for her version of wholesome tom yam soup!

Finger licking delicious chicken meatballs with peanut sauce (not in the picture), a gourmet creation of Chin Yin.

Refreshing appetizer: Hong Jun's version of ever-famous Long Po Thai salad
My contribution to the dinner: Thai green curry,
c'est bon!
Sim's tom yam soup!!! Rated thumbs-up by all!!!
Yet another surprise by Chin Yin, pineapple fried rice. 10/10 for presentation and taste!!!


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