Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Yummy Roasted Duck Rice!!!!!!!!

Little Bodhi: I love roasted duck rice!!!

CIMP is on term break, so a few of us--myself, the Mah's (Don, Bern & little Bodhi) who came back from Canada to visit, Steven Tan, Sean and Ee Von (ex-CIMP students) decided to lunch at the famous "engineer duck" shop in Paramount--Sunrise yesterday.

Despite the lazy afternoon heat, people were lining up outside the shop, patiently waiting to be seated. Thanks to Sean and Ee Von who managed to get us a table that we didn't have to wait in the sun. The shop opens at 11"30 am but the roasted ducks are usually sold out before 2 pm.

Bodhi is such a good baby, even though the heat was killing everyone, but he sat quietly, observing everyone at the table. He sure loved duck rice though, for an 18-month old boy, he finished half of the plate of duck rice--more than I can eat sometimes.

It was a GREEEEAAAT meal! The roasted ducks were so scrumptious--the flesh was juicy and tender but the skin was roasted to perfection--crispy and crunchyily melt in your mouth... yummmmmm!!!!!

All in all, the meal was of good food with great company!

The Mah's

The Paramount boy, Sean and Seksyen 17 gal, Ee Von (ex-CIMPians)

The crispy skin roasted duck and fried onion with iceberg lettuce


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