Sunday, August 20, 2006

Yes!!! It's Possible!!!
The Tan's (Charmaine, Felix and Khai Ling Tan) who have made it all possible

To my dear friends who are in North America who may be craving for some Asian greens, there are other ways to get them besides buying them from the specialty stores or Asian markets. Yes, it is true!!!

I could not believe it until my green-fingered friends, Khai Ling and Felix, who live in the northwest of America showed me that they managed to plant long beans, red Asian spinach, kang kung, red chili, okra and lemongrass in their backyard this summer. Therefore, nothing is impossible, my friends, with some seeds from Malaysia, summer gardening, water and lots of love... voila!!!

So, hold your breath as you behold the pictures of their awesome harvest this summer--the Asian beauties!!!!!!!

The emerald green long beans (kacang panjang) are such beauties!!!!

Long beans on the plant. Aren't they gorgeous?

These red Asian spinach (bayam merah) are actually bigger and nicer than the ones I get from the market in Malaysia.

These Japanese cucumbers (timun or kyuri) are very tasty and crunchy, they are perfect for sandwich, salad or even on its own.

Water convolvulus (kang kung or eng chai) is very popular in Malaysia but this is the first time I see them in North America.

These red chilies (cili merah) look like roses among the thorns.

Check out the glorious sunflower (bunga matahari), it looks too good to be real!

Lemongrass (serai) is one of the main ingredients for authentic Thai food and curry.

Okra/lady's finger (bendi) on the plant, I have no idea that the tips point upward.

A close-up okra, yummy... anybody for curry tonight?


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what about pandan leaves?
been going crazy looking for them.

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