Tuesday, August 29, 2006

In Celebration of the New Devadas

The newly weds: Ruben and Lisa Devadas

August 26, 2006 was a big day for Ruben and Lisa! It was the day they celebrated their joy of matrimony with their loved ones. The evening reception was held at Saujana Golf Resort in Subang Jaya.

The dinner was not only a reunion for the newly weds' families, friends and co-workers but also a get-to-gather for the CIMPians. People came from near and afar to celebrate this special occasion with the newly weds. The buffet dinner served was a unique fusion of eastern and western cuisine.

The event was short and sweet but word has it that some of the people (Rani and the company) were partying till dawn the next day! No matter how the evening was ended, we sincerely wish Lisa (the new member of the Devadas) happily married ever after, mazel tov!
Say Cheeeeeeezzzzzzeeeee!!!

The ladies: hey, let's take a picture!

The ladies: smile!

The ladies: What?!!! Picture already taken? We weren't ready yet?

Congratulations from Lisa's ex- and current officemates!

Myself, Lisa and Romona

Happy couple #1: Mani and Selvan (who just got married 4 months ago)

Happy couple #2: Romona and Andre (who are expecting a baby)

Happy couple #3: Karen and Barry

Happy couple # 4: Mark and Dian

Happy couple # 5: Adrian and Yvonne (my beau and me)

The gorgeous and elegant ladies: Romona and Pauline

Elsa, Rani and Manny

Steven, Adrian, Yvonne and Mani

Bearing blessings we travel afar from CIMP

Phew! After all the mingling and photo-taking, I finally get to enjoy the dinner

Lisa is waving goodbye to her guests.


Blogger Jason Dupuis said...


Good work on the pics... doing well with the blogging?? So, I guess you're next to get married....

Félicitations à toi Lisa et bien sûr Ruben aussi!!!

Wish I was there!


10:23 AM  
Blogger cheelee3 said...

Thanks Yvonne for making us look great (despite Romona's disapproval!!!). Jason, merci de tes voeux! We missed the Dupuis at this event! Bisous, Lisa.

11:31 PM  
Blogger NnM said...

Greetings Ms.Woi!! i am Carmen your favourite January 2006 intake IB student (self declared). Heard that you have a blog so i came by to pay a visit ^___^ hehe..I got a special request...put up a chatterbox lah..then we can all chit chat in ur blog...probably spam it too :)

6:11 AM  
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