Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cookout at Romona's

Romona invited us for a cookout lunch today!!! Her honourable guests include Manny, Alex (Manny's sidekick) and myself. To make the freshest Vietnamese spring rolls and soba, we bought the ingredients from Taman Tun Dr. Ismail market and Bangsar Village Grocer. And then, we headed back to her apartment to prepare a feast of Vietnamese/Japanese fusion lunch!

The meal was prepared in the collaborative work of the four of us. Romona prepared the mouth-watering cold soba despite her injured toes, Manny and Alex were the "leave dryer and cutter" of the day and I was the overall supervisor of the boys (haha!)

Even though Manny accidentally flattened the baby romaine lettuce and mixed the greens and herbs in a bowl, the meal was very well done and everyone had a GREAT time.

Soak the ingredients: Thai basil, corriander, mint, baby romaine lettuce and scallion (spring onion)
Romona is 5 months pregnant, doesn't she look gorgeous!!!!!!!

Manny: Ops, I did it again! I just flattened yet another piece of the baby romaine...

Alex: Slowly but surely, I will finish cutting the turnips, just don't rush me, Yvonne!!!!!
Romona is making the soba.

Voila, the beautifully cleaned, prepared and assembled meal! Vietnamese spring rolls ingredients and cold soba!!!!
Main ingredients for Vietnamese spring rolls: julienne fish "crab meat", turnip, mango, avocado and cucumber.

Manny's creation--"hunt-for-your-own-herb" bowl, aka, find the veggie/herb you want from the pile of greens.

Soba-licious! Hmmmm....Oishi!

The hostess and her guests of honor...... are going to......

be the "hungry ghosts"!!!!!!

Manny: Let me show you the "proper" way of making a spring roll.. first, wet the rice paper using a brush, then put all the ingredients onto the soft rice paper, after that...

Ahhh.... this hongkin' roll can't fit into my mouth, I should have calculated the amount of ingredients in the roll using differential calculus!!!